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skeleton 1.jpeg
skeleton 4.jpeg
skeleton 7.jpeg
Burial, Velvet, soapstone, resin, wood, cast-aluminum, cement. 2020.
detail final.jpeg
Espalier, Cast aluminum, wood, stone, ceramic, polymer gypsum, resin, bone, cement, found objects. 2021
final Concert of Birds 2021.jpeg
low res.jpg
1SMALL N.Crombach Concert of Birds.jpg
Concert of Birds, Cast-aluminum, velvet, wood. 2021
13 copy.jpeg
11 copy.jpeg
12 copy.jpeg
Garden Wall, Pressed flowers, plate glass, cast-aluminum, cement. 2021
Fleuron 1, Pressed flowers, plate glass, cement. 2021
N.Crombach_Fleuron II.jpeg
N.Crombach_Fleuron III .jpeg
Fleuron 2 and 3, Pressed flowers, plate glass, cement. 2021
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